Fractal Wallpapers - Symmetry II

Like the Frieze Groups in Symmetry I the Wallpaper Groups are used with fractal patterns in my Wallpaper Applet. With the Frieze Groups there were seven different possibilities to form an endless ornament along one axis, but there are 17 different Wallpaper Groups to fill the Euclidean plane with a basic pattern. In difference to the Frieze Applet the patterns are not imported as an image but constructed as an IFS (watch IFS I - IFS IV).

A Java-Applet is missing!

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  • With a PC try Internet Explorer 11.
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  • With a Mac in Safari you have to activate the developer mode. Then set Internet Explorer 11 as user agent.

Get the source code

Using the Wallpaper Applet

 Control Elements  Description

First choice element

The fractal pattern (p.e. "Labyrinth")

Second choice element

The Wallpaper Group for the kind of filling the Euclidean plane (p.e. "P1")

Third choice element

Density of the image, number of dots (p.e. "Medium")

The edit field

A higher factor lets more room for a basic pattern (p.e. "1.5")

Moving the small circles

Form the basic pattern

Pressing CTRL while moving

Move the whole basic pattern


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