IFS deterministic algorithm

Draw fractals with an IFS and a condensation image. Click Next to watch the development of the fractal atrractor step by step.

Image: IFS: 0

The source code is deterministic.js. Watch the HTML source code, too.

IFS fractals with condensation image

An Iterated Function System (IFS) is used with a deterministic algorithm. The condensation image is transformed by all functions of the IFS (2, 3 or 4 in the examples above) and the results are composed to a new mage. During the next iteration step the new image is again transformed like before.

If the IFS is contractive, which means that the transformed shapes get smaller, the sequence of the transformed images approaches to a fractal attractor.

Remark: The first iteration step allows to recognize the used geometrical operations (the IFS functions) in a very easy way.

crawfish tree

A Pythagoras Tree with a crawfish condensation image


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