Use the navigation frame on the left side to see the main parts of my fractal offers. Please watch my Fractal Gallery. At this location I don't want to teach you about fractals and chaos theory. I suppose that you are informed about it and you are searching for new fractal exploring programs or fascinating fractal pictures. So do I. If you have interesting ideas or materials (programs, pictures, papers, etc.) for education or for fun, please contact me.

Hyperbolic Fractal Ornament

Hyperbolic Fractal Ornament

Do you write programs? - Then what can I do for you? I have written some fractal programs, that may find your interest. I use the programs for education and - more - to produce exciting pics.

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Iterated Functions Systems (IFS) are my special interest. I use IFS to create fractal images. So more than one section is dedicated to that subject. You'll find information about the chaos-game and interactive pages for exploring simple and complex iteration machines forming beautiful attractors. You may download the Javascript source codes of my machines. The subject Hyperbolic Ornaments (watch the image above) combined with fractals is another interest.

Fractal Tree

A Fractal Tree


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