L-Systems interactive

Main subject is a machine to try out Lindenmayer's language. If you don't know my version of his language, use the choice below the Canvas to view some examples first. Type in the parameters and watch the result after pressing return or clicking one of the the buttons. Move the circle to vary the starting position. Look at the symbols list and get more information about the L-system (page 2).

Factor: Angle: Start Angle:
Level: Base Length: Linewidth:
Axiom: R1: R2:
Buttons, fields, etc.Description

red circle

move it to determine the starting point

Draw button

renew the drawing

<  > buttons

draw previous or next level


factor to change the length, used with (, ), *, /


standard value for a rotation in degrees (+ or −)


the starting direction (0 shows to the right)


depth of exchange, number of steps

Base Length

basic length for a line element (F or G)


adjust the linewidth

The Choice

choose an example

Axiom field

description of the base figure

R1 and R2 fields

the rules for symbols replacement


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