Conway's Game of life

This cellular automaton is a grid of cells that evolve from generation to generation according to a set of rules of the mathematician John Conway (1937-2020). A living cell ist colored dark red, a dead one looks grey. Start with a living cross or by defining your own base patterns by clicking on the grid cells...



The source code is gol.js. Thanks to Eric Rowell for the library KineticJS. Watch the HTML source code, too.

Conway's Rule Set 23/3

Every cell is surrounded by 8 neighbours.

  1. In the next generation a living cell with 2 or 3 living neighbours will survive, but will die with less or more.
  2. A dead cell will come to life in the next generation, if it has exactly 3 living neighbours.
Gosper Glider Gun

A funny world: Gosper Glider Gun - the glider dissolves

Your task

Choose basic patterns and observe the development process of the generations in Conway's world. You will find different behavior. Sometimes the result is a still life or all cells die, sometimes an oscillators comes up or even a spaceship, that flies across Conways cell grid.


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