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The chaos game is my favourite method for producing Iterated Function Systems fractals, because it's quick and the images reach from nature to fantasy. From 1991 to 2001 I 've developed a program called Dotfrak, which is now available for newer windows systems. The main concept is to see the IFS's transformations by its important parameters like angle and compression-factor and not by its matrix, so that people are able to create images, although not being academically trained in mathematics.

Trees and Triangles

Trees and Triangles

IFS activities

I added a simple version of the program to my book titled Fraktale aus Natur und Fantasie. The program of today DFW 3.4 was fully rewritten and many features were added (a 3D-View p.e.). Sorry, I don't distribute DFW as a free program, but you can order more information by EMail. Test the abilities of IFS construction with my Sierpinski Family Machine (IFS II). Watch the Quick-Links too.

Michael Barnsley

Michael F. Barnsley (b. 1946) is a mathematician who works on fractal image compression. He was the first who used Iterated Function Systems to generate pictures of ferns.


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