Self-organization of vectors

Here is the interactive EightPoints machine, starting with 7 bivectors (Ex. No. 18). Depending on the chosen example the machine uses up to 22 bivectors, each with two points. The algorithm (watch p. 1) simulates a strong coupling of the bivector points, thus the "center of mass" and the "torque" remain constant. All 8 points are also weakly coupled by containing an electric charge (e.g. -3, +2 units). If Pull > 0, this influences the attractor figure, too. The law for charged particles is, that the force of the interaction between them is attractive if they have opposite signs and repulsive if like-signed.

The EightPoints Machine

Use the control panel below the drawing area to take influence on the image. In detail:

Pull ±dx ±dy

Scale Cmd


q0 q1 q2 q3 q4 q5 q6 q7 Charges Dim

Programmers may download the HTML page code, the commented javascript source code, and modify the values in the function "this.examples".


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