Program Feigenbaum Diagrams

My program Feigenbaum for Windows® explores formulas in the described way and also allows time-diagrams, graphical iteration, phase diagrams in two or three dimensions and even Liapunov pictures. You can order the program for personal use only by email (please send me an aquivalent: ideas, pictures, programs, education-concepts, etc. with your mail).
More information: Watch the essays (written in German)

Screenshot Feigenbaum 4.3

Screenshot Feigenbaum 4.3

Feigenbaum and Liapunov diagrams

Did you know that there is a connection between Feigenbaum and Liapunov diagrams? The iterator functions of Feigenbaum are suitable to get exciting Liapunov images. After drawing the Feigenbaum graph zoom into a chaos region and switch to the Liapunov module of my program. Please watch the screenshots above.

Mitchell Feigenbaum

The physicist Mitchell Feigenbaum (1944 - 2019) studied turbulences in liquids and developed the Logistic Map (Feigenbaum diagram), which shows a quantitative universality for a class of nonlinear transformations. The previous page informed you of this universal Feigenbaum Constant.


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